How Bus Companies can promote their Tour Packages

Competition among bus companies has become tougher as years go by. This has been attributed to the increase in the number of bus companies that offer tour packages.

The good news is there is light at the end of the tunnel:

Whether the company is small or large, sound promotion strategies can help the company stay ahead of its competition. For bus businesses, resources may be limited but that does not mean that management should throw in the towel.

It is imperative to invest in advertising and promotion in order to get the word out. This will surely help the business to grow.

Here are strategies for Bus Companies to help promote Tour Packages.

Revamp the business website

This can’t be emphasized enough:

A website is the first step towards promoting the business to both local and international customers. Today, the web has allowed travelers residing in California or New Zealand to book a tour or safari in South Africa or a holiday in Dubai.

Therefore, depending on the location where the company is located, for promoting tour packages, bus companies can use services of Toronto SEO to do internet marketing.

There are also additional elements needed for the tour packages to ensure it stands out from the competitors. First and foremost, it should clearly provide pricing and be listed on the bus company website which is assumed to be responsive web design. This will allow interested customers to browse it using both mobile and desktop devices. Secondly, bus companies should incorporate a way of tracking visitors. The simplest way to do this is by incorporating Google Analytics. Lastly, the website should be content rich with details about tour packages. Bus companies can no longer ignore that customers want value for their money.


Travelers around the world are shopping for affordable tour packages. Be it to the Caribbean, Dubai or Bali, every customer wants value for their money. Yes, there are customers who are rich and can afford expensive tour packages but what about the middle-income earner? He or she will browse on Google.


Google is a trusted search engine around the world. Not only does it allow a traveler to find vacation spots it also helps them find the promotions, he or she can write reviews about their experience which can be publically available for fellow travelers.

Here is the deal:

The more positive reviews the bus companies get, the higher it will be ranked in Google Local Business.

Build a brand presence on social media.

Let’s face it:

Social media is prime real estate that allows marketers to promote tour packages to both local and global customers. Today, social media platforms boast of over 1 billion active users daily. This is an opportunity one cannot miss out on. The best social media platforms to create business pages on include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram among others.

The plan is simple:

To develop content in form of photos and video excerpts about tour experiences as seen through the eyes of tour guides and customers. Posting this on the company’s social media pages will surely create a huge buzz about the company. This will attract more fans than ever.

Furthermore, the website developer can incorporate social media links on your responsive website to allow easier interactivity.

Bottom line

It gets even better:

Having used minimal resources, not only will the bus companies attain a greater local presence but a global presence too. This will surely see the tour company getting more bookings than ever.

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