On Budget Bus Tickets to Travel Around the USA

You are here because you are definitely looking for cheaper bus tickets which could take you around the USA on nominal fares.

Bus routes have been in place since 1910 which connect several American cities together. If you have the wanderlust nature, you definitely want your bus tickets to be low-cost. Keeping in mind your requirements for the journey, there are so many bus companies operating throughout the states which cover all your individualistic requirements. These bus companies have nation-wide terminals as well as regional terminals. Therefore, it’s not really hard to find yourself a station which can take you directly to the desired stop. All these companies run, of course, on a schedule and because of the nature of the journey, the buses are available in abundance. So you don’t really have to wait. Few of the recommended buses and their destinations are as follows:

Boston to New York: Attributes and Departure Times

There are several buses and coaches which depart from Boston on scheduled date’s basis on surprisingly cheaper prices. Connecting coaches are also cheap. The fares vary from company to company but again they are marginal. There are three different stations available to catch your bus from. If you aren’t in a great hurry, book the seats prior to your traveling dates. Buses depart in almost every four hours. The time it takes is hardly four hours and twenty minutes. There are several services available. Greyhound is the most reliable one to choose.

Las Vegas to Los Angeles: Attributes and Departure Times

Choosing the bus to travel around is a smarter choice as it keeps your journeys economical. There are connecting coaches available as well as straight route ones. The connection takes Ten hours journey if you have time on your hand and want to travel around. The direct route takes roughly five hours to reach the destination. Cheapest buses could be Greyhound and the fastest yet cheapest can be Eastern Coach that will take Three and a half hours.

Philadelphia to Newyork: Attributes and Departure Times

Intercity buses are the best way to travel around states and make the most out of it. These buses aren’t only budget friendly but also environment friendly. This route is quite inexpensive. The buses leave almost every hour and it takes two hours to reach Newyork PortAuthority stop. The cheapest is GotoBus which drops you at the Tipper Bus Station Newyork.

Dallas to San Antonio: Attributes and Departure Times

There are many sights to visit in San Antonio and how wonderful it will be if you were to reach them in the minimal of nothing more than ten dollars. The fastest time you will be reaching there is around five hours and there are four major bus routes to San Antonio. While you are in San Antonio, do not forget to visit The River Walk and National Historic Park.

Orlando to Miami: Attributes and Departure Times

Making sure about the bus routes and confirming your travel cost is the choice of smart people. Set up your itinerary beforehand and be amazed how cheap it is to travel from Orlando to Miami where the journey takes around seven hours in total. This journey time can be lesser if you plan to board the bus at early morning time. The buses leave every hour for your convenience.

Above were some of the popular bus routes for few of the popular states. Traveling on budget keeps you mentally in line with your traveling fun rather than worrying about the bus fares all the time. Make sure you have researched all the available bus routes before you step into your journey. Have fun and travel safe!